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Our favorite Dishes Across the Decades

When it comes to the kitchen, not every TV character is cut out to be a chef. But while their ingredients may be in the wrong place, their heart never is.

Below are some dishes across the decades. Watch Television Across the Decades, weekdays from 9a til 5p ET.


I Love Lucy - "Pioneer Women"

Homemade Bread

Best served: With the 1900s

Lucy's secret: You can never use too much yeast.


I Married Joan - "The Recipe"

The Ox-Tail Soup

Best served: Inside the pot

Joan's secret: Really dive into the soup experience.


Family Affair - "Take Two Aspirin"

The Ketchup Omelet

Best served: Without cooking

Buffy's secret: Always ask for permission before using the stove.


Petticoat Junction - "It's Not Easy to Be a Mother"

Macaroni and Cheese

Best served with: A doctor nearby

Betty Jo's secret: Bake until a nice shade of burnt.


The Mary Tyler Moore Show - "The Lars Affair"

Chocolate Soufflè

Best served: With tender loving care

Sue Ann's secret: Make every soufflè its own affair.


Newhart - "The Stratford Wives"

Tuna Casserole

Best served: At a potluck

Joanna's secret: People are more important than food.

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