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The six greatest 'Mannix' episodes, according to a superfan

Between James Bond and Die Hard, there was Joe Mannix. Nobody took a punch like Mannix. Along with a plaid blazer, the tough guy was often sporting an array of scrapes, bruises, black eyes and Band-Aids. Heck, he was even blinded and poisoned and kept on taking it. 

From 1967–1975, the gritty investigator took action television to a new level. The episodes delivered bare-knuckle fights, car chases… and car chases with helicopters.

To pay tribute to the late Mike Connors, we have a guest contributor. The father of one of us here at Decades is a massive Mannix fan. 

If you haven't seen them, do yourself a favor and keep your eyes peeled on the daily binge today on Decades. 


"The Name Is Mannix"

Season one, episode one

"The very first episode, which introduces the character, sends him to Palm Springs to track down the kidnapped daughter (Barbara Anderson) of a mob boss (Lloyd Nolan). A good, solid plot, with the added attraction of Mannix being chased by a helicopter."


"End Game"

Season two, episode 19

"…In which Mannix has to enter a booby-trapped abandoned apartment building to rescue a policeman friend, and deal with the ravings of a guy who served with him in the Korean War, but who betrayed his unit to the Koreans. Steve Ihnat is great as the bad guy, and the episode is tautly written and shot."


"Return To Summer Grove"

Season three, episode three

"The mystery plot is secondary in this episode, as Mannix goes back to his hometown to confront his estranged father, played by the great Victor Jory. Vera Miles plays his old girlfriend."


"The Sound of Darkness"

Season three, episode 10

"Mannix is blinded by an assassin, and then has to figure out how to defend himself when the bad guy comes back to finish the job."


"A Ticket to the Eclipse"

Season four, episode one

"Another crazy Korean War buddy comes back to hunt down Joe, but this time he's played by Darren McGavin (Kolchak: The Night Stalker, A Christmas Story), who is crazy good in the role. Plus, he seems like a real match for Mannix."


"The Mouse That Died"

Season four, episode five

"Joe is given a slow-acting poison, and he has to figure out who is trying to kill him and why. A terrific performance by Connors. Hugh Beaumont, of Leave It To Beaver fame, even has a supporting role. Oh, and there is another helicopter chase."

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