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These 12 long lost snacks of the 1970s will give you the munchies

Nothing goes with television like a big bowl of something salty and crunchy. In the 1970s, we would ride our banana-seat bikes home from school, flip on game shows like Match Game and Tattletales, and chow down on crackers, cookies and more. We packed pudding cups into our Welcome Back, Kotter lunch boxes.

Alas, many of our favorite munchies from the decade are no longer around. Here are a dozen defunct snacks we'd love to get our lips around again.

Top image: Continental Airlines postcard from the 1970s / Papergreat


Concentrate Cereal

Okay, so Concentrate was aimed at adults, but the reflective gold box looked something from a NASA lunar module.

Image: Flickr



Hot danishes popping up in your toaster? How did this fail?

Image: Snackbar Confidential


Dolly Madison Razzys, Koo Koos and Googles

Long before Google there were Googles, a vanilla cake with cinnamon bits. Koo Koos were similar to Ding Dongs, while Razzys made the rounds with yellow cake and raspberry frosting. The Peanuts gang pitched these treats, and the fruit pies were also quite tasty.

Image: Gone But Not Forgotten Groceries



It took a while for the creamy goodness of Nutella to make its way from Europe to America. But we were set in the 1970s with Koogle, a sweet spread in many varieties. Banana Peanut Spread! Just add bacon and you've got an Elvis meal.

Image: The Land of Cerpts and Honey



We don't eat meals out of coffee cups as much as we used to.

Image: General Mills History / Tumblr


Nickles' Banana Flip

It's like a Twinkie taco, but banana flavored — like the original Twinkies. 

Image: The Rusty Calliope


Pizza Spins

Pizza flavored pizza shapes. Of course, you could pretend they were steering wheels or wagon wheels. Odd that the pizza on the box didn't seem to be covered with any cheese.

Image: Flickriver


Snack Pack

Pudding cups are a school lunchroom staple, but the plastic containers of today don't quite have that same aluminum tang of the 1970s cans.

Image: Pinterest


Space Food Sticks

Like Tang, these chews were developed for astronauts! Many flavors were offered, including Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Malt, Orange, Caramel and Peanut Butter. At just 44 calories a stick, you could really pound them.

Image: Harvest Gold Memories



Sure, Goldfish and Cheez-Its still line the grocery shelves, but Nabisco's Tid-Bits had a different shape. What if we want our cheese crackers in stick form?

Image: Flickr



Pop Tarts dominate the toaster pastry market today. Toastettes were pretty dang delicious, though.

Image: Flickr


Tuna Twist

Mom's best ploy to get us to eat our tuna fish was this quick sprucer-upper.

Image: Land of Cerpts and Honey

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