Can you name the TV show that featured these boss characters?

Bosses have long been a part of TV shows. On sitcoms, they are typically portrayed as bald men ...more

Pick: Which TV best friend totally stole the spotlight?

In classic TV, there are the stars who often play scenes straight, then the funny supportive best ...more

Can you guess these classic TV catchphrases from emojis?

Can you decode 10 unforgettable lines?

The epic classic TV actor quiz (for serious fans only)

Do you know Ted Knight from Ted McGinley?

Do you know these famous comic strips by just the characters' eyes?

You've seen them in the Sunday papers. Can you recognize them up close and personal?

Can you complete the missing half of these classic TV duos?

Can you remember all those ''Blank & Blank'' titles?

Play ''I Spy'' with Halloween scenes from classic TV!

I Spy with my little eye a Halloween surprise!

Can you guess the horror movie by the modern remake poster?

The best classic horror movies came back to haunt us.

Can you I.D. these famous musicians by their nicknames?

Earning one of these made you eternally famous – can you prove it?

Can you recognize these Peanuts characters by their hair alone?

We won't pull the football out from under you — take your best shot!

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1976?

Columbo, M*A*S*H, Mary Tyler Moore… what a groovy year!

Can you match these modern TV stars to their famous classic TV parents?

Match these stars to their celebrity parents!

It takes a video game wizard to identify all these classic Atari games

Even if you didn't play them, we bet you can identify them.

How popular are your opinions about fall?

Grab your light jackets and carving gear – it's autumn, everyone!

Pick: What was the greatest one-season wonder in TV history?

Did Kato and Kolchak deserve more love?
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