Would you buy these household items shown in vintage 50s ads?

A lot of things improved during the '50s. Would you buy these household items?

Can you find the one show that WASN'T a one-season wonder?

Which of these nine shows went beyond one season?

Can you guess what year these vintage clothing and shoe ads came out?

If you saw these ads in the year they were created, would you buy the product?

Who released these Billboard No. 1 Albums in 1985?

Let's take a trip back to the best-selling albums of 1985!

Can you tell the difference between a Blondie song and a Love Boat story?

Can you find rapture — or will this quiz trick you one way or another?

How well do you remember I Love Lucy's saxophone episode?

How well do you remember this 'musical' episode of I Love Lucy?

Were these guests on The Carol Burnett Show or not?

Can you remember if these iconic stars were on The Carol Burnett Show or not?

Can you match these vintage candy ads to the correct decade?

Can you place these old-school sweet sales?

How many sequels do these '80s action movies have?

These '80s action movies have a good few sequels, can you remember how many sequels each one has?

Can you finish these The Fugitive episode titles?

How well do you know The Fugitive?

Are these episodes of The Fugitive or Creedance Clearwater Revival songs?

Do you know the difference between "Moon Child" and "Bad Moon Rising"?

Can you recognize all these famous guest stars on The Fugitive?

Try to guess these comedy legends, Oscar-winning actors and beloved TV stars!

Can you match these vintage basketball ads to the right decades?

Hopefully you don't double dribble on this one!

Can you ID these classic horror movies from their messed up posters?

Just in time for Halloween, can you unscramble these classic horror movie posters?

Can you match the hit '80s song to the action movie?

The '80s had some pretty sick tunes, some even appeared in action movies! Can you match the tune ...more

Can you finish these Taxi episode titles?

How well do you know the adventures of the Sunshine Cab Crew?

Do you know when these massive toy brands debuted?

How well do you know these toy franchise juggernauts?
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