Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Are these real '60s and '70s TV models or did we make them up?

Were people actually watching classic sitcoms on these models?

Are these nefarious outlaws from Gunsmoke or The Rifleman?

Did these criminal types face off against Lucas McCain or Matt Dillon?

Who was in more episodes of Gunsmoke?

Chester or Festus? Doc Adams or Kitty?

Can you name the top ten shows from 1960-1961?

You may remember watching them, but do you remember their rank?

Are these the names of forgotten comedy series or did we make them up?

There are so many subgenres of comedy that even these shows sound real.

Only true sixties TV fans can guess all these obscure Gidget guest stars!

These guest stars on Gidget also had roles in horror shows, soap operas, classic TV and more!

Can you dig all this Sixties surfer slang from Gidget?

Shoot the curl and have a gas, this quiz is the whaling ultimate!

Which band released these songs in the '80s?

For those about to rock (this quiz), we salute you!

Are these real vintage hairstyle names or did we make them up?

Need a new look? Try one of these (possibly) real vintage hairstyles.

Can you name all these funky, groovy cars from the 1970s?

Let's see how well you know these AMCs, VWs and Chevys.

Would you buy these household items shown in vintage 50s ads?

A lot of things improved during the '50s. Would you buy these household items?

Can you recognize the classic TV stars on these vintage album covers?

Actors can do everything from pop to gospel!

Which popular 1960s movie did these famous lines come from?

From West Side Story to Planet of the Apes, which films do these lines belong to?

Are these 1950s best-sellers or movie titles?

Whether you're turning pages or watching it on the big screen, there are always different ways ...more

Were these songs released in the 1960s or a different decade?

Did you hear these tunes for the first time in the '60s?

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