Can you find the character that completes these famous ensemble casts?

Hawkeye, Potter, Klinger, Margaret, Mulcahy and who?

Can you complete the titles of these 1970s summer movies?

The best part was, these flicks only cost a couple of bucks.

Are these names of bygone snack foods or trendy vintage toys?

Sort through these Giggles, Popples and Weebles.

Is this the title of a '90s sitcom or a platinum record from the '80s?

This one will be a real 'Thriller' for you and your 'Friends.'

Can you guess the destination of these TV family vacations?

Take a trip down memory road with TV families!

Did these desirable items cost more in 1974 or 1994?

Was a microwave more in the Seventies or Nineties?

Can you fill in the blank to complete these classic songs?

Plug in the parentheses on all the hits!

Can you guess which TV show inspired these band names?

Can you trace Bon Iver, Fall Out Boy and Eve's Plum back to the correct shows?

Can you place these dance party TV shows into the correct decade?

Boogie, groove and bust a move through television history.

Can you identify the sitcom from the opening shot of its first episode?

Here's how these classic series began. Name the show.

Can you guess the very last word in these TV theme songs?

Find the final notes of all these opening credits earworms.

Can you match these unique menu items to the correct breakfast chain?

It takes a real egghead to pass this restaurant quiz.
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