Can you guess the decade from popular TV theme songs mashed together?

“Goodbye gray sky, hello blue / We’re gonna make our dreams come true.”

Can you complete the names of these bygone shopping mall businesses?

Fill in the blank with these defunct stores and food court joints.

See if you can recognize all these '80s talk show hosts

There were a lot of couches and desks in late night and daytime.

Are these hit TV shows set in New York or Los Angeles?

Prove you can go coast to coast with classic TV!

Can you complete the names of these forgotten 1970s cartoons?

Fun for the whole family/gang/bunch/clan!

Can you match the song to the correct animated Disney movie?

This quiz has got no strings to hold you down, if you're a true Disney fan!

Which classic show is this ''Story'' episode from?

Every TV show has a story to tell.

Can you name the TV star hosting Saturday Night Live in the 1970s?

See if you recognize these guest hosts from the first five seasons.

Can you find the ONE television star who was NOT on the cover of TV Guide in 1960?

Only a serious Sixties fan can spot the odd one out.

Can you guess the genre of forgotten 1970s TV shows?

Western or sci-fi? Cartoon or crime drama?

How well do you remember the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Test your knowledge of the lyrics, artwork, lore and more.
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