Can you remember all 60 of these popular 1960s sitcoms?

Try to fill in all the blanks, from the hits to the obscure.

Can you guess the '80s sitcom from a single character name?

Can you guess the '80s sitcom from a single character name?

Did these things happen on The Facts of Life or did we just make them up?

Take the good and leave the bad and then you have The Facts of Life.

Are you enough of a movie buff to recognize these Seventies movie sequels?

Let's see if you remember Part II or III as well as the original.

Can you recognize these iconic TV stars when they were young?

See if their faces still ring a bell a few decades earlier.

Pick: Which sitcom had the best series finale?

Find out if your favorite can stack up to M*A*S*H!

Are these TV characters named Jim or Joe?

Prove you're no average Joe.

Can you solve real Jeopardy clues that are exclusively about cartoons?

Sufferin' Succotash! Sometimes the smart thing to do is watch cartoons.

Can you I.D. 1970s cartoons from a single frame of the intro sequence?

Zoinks! The Seventies gave us way more than just Scooby-Doo!

Did these popular foods come out in the 1970s or 1980s?

Think you remember when Nerds, Stove Top and Diet Coke were born?

Can you guess these TV shows with the great Tim Conway?

The comedian played everything from cowboy to gardener.

Can you guess the sitcom mom's maiden name?

When in doubt, just shout, "Moooooom!"

The mother of all classic TV mom quizzes

June Beaver or June Cleaver?

Can you match the correct TV mom to her kids?

We name the children, you name the mother.

Can you guess what these moms are selling in vintage ads?

Cereal or soft drinks? Coffee or Kodak?
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