Can you ace this true or false quiz about The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Which of these are "little lies" and which are "odd but true"?

Can you match Cheers characters to the first things they ever said on the show?

Everybody knows their names but do you know what they first said?

Can you guess the decade from these vintage candlestick ads?

Can you place these candlesticks in the right decade? Would you display your candles on any of ...more

Can you complete these lyrics to the Christmas classic ''Frosty the Snowman''?

Can you thumpity, thump thump along with ''Frosty the Snowman?''

Can you name all 10 of these forgotten TV reboots?

The Sixties, Seventies and Eighties will always be mined.

Can you name these women-led rock bands?

Can you rock the world with this quiz?

Can you guess what holiday tradition Lucy and Viv argue about based on their facial reactions alone?

Any argument that could ever come up during Christmas, just about came up in this episode of The ...more

Can you guess what other show the cast of Green Acres is on?

They were on sitcoms, sci-fi shows and Westerns before and after their days in Hooterville.

Can you name all these funky, groovy cars from the 1970s?

Let's see how well you know these AMCs, VWs and Chevys.

What decade were these classic Christmas albums released?

What decade did you rock around the Christmas tree for the first time?

What are these funny animals in Green Acres doing?

Arnold the pig wasn’t the only talented animal in Hooterville.

Can you match these Christmas quotes with the movies they come from?

Now, what kind of Christmas were those folks hoping for...? You tell us!

Are these images of Eva Gabor from Petticoat Junction or Green Acres?

It takes a Hooterville expert to know if these images came from Green Acres or Petticoat Junction.

Which Green Acres actors starred in these Disney movies?

Do you remember whose voice was in The Rescuers and who starred in the live-action classic Escape ...more

Can you name these 'Cheers' characters?

Does everybody know their names?

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