Can you I.D. these TV characters who share the same name?

Try not to give characters you love a bad name.

Only a true movie guru will remember these Best Pictures Oscar winners

If a movie wins the Academy Award for Best Picture, it should eventually be considered a classic, ...more

It takes a Boomer to remember if these things happened in the '60s or '70s

So much of… well, everything changed in the 1960s and 1970s. Pop culture, politics, food and ...more

Can you guess these classic TV characters just by their unique shape?

These questions come in all shapes and sizes.

Can you guess the TV show from a random person in the opening credits?

Prove you recognize these total strangers from TV.

These TV theme songs were all sung by rock stars. Can you name them?

Grab a "Best Friend" because you might need "A Little Help from My Friends."

Can you identify these 10 savory snacks on sight?

You're guaranteed to feel salty if you miss any of these chips!

Can you name all these cartoon dogs?

Stock up on Scooby snacks for this one!

POLL: How did you really feel about gym class back in school?

Does dodgeball bring back fond memories… or flashbacks of panic?

Only the biggest '80s toy fans will get 8/10 on this quiz

Did your kids beg for any of these?

Can you name these '80s movies just from the characters' T-shirts?

Match these iconic tops to the correct film!

How many 1970s sitcoms can you remember?

Try to complete the name of every popular comedy from the decade.

Can you find the one major movie star who was NOT on the cast of a TV show?

Connect these celebs to their classic TV shows!

Can you match the fake rock band to the correct TV show?

Remember phony groups like the Mosquitoes and Scum of the Earth?

Can you guess the sitcom from one bad date description?

From awkward first dates to seeing stars, love was NOT in the air.

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