Yes/ No: Are these scary movies actually from the 1960s?

They're coming to get you... again!

Can you identify these beloved characters before they were on TV?

Before television, they were in comics, books and magazines.

Can you guess which TV show made this mess?

Some shows dragged us through the dirt.

Were these sitcoms in the 1970s or did we just make up a show?

Disco, trucking, C.B. radios, skateboarding — if there was a trend in the 1970s, you can bet ...more

Can you guess the cartoon from just one landscape?

Just try to see the cartoon through the trees.

Can you guess which TV show these clowns are on?

Prove you know Hoho from Chuckles.

Can you complete the names of 1960s TV characters?

Floyd the Barber has a last name, you know.

Can you name the TV show by the letter 'C' in its title?

In this test, getting a C is a good thing.

Can you name all these classic sitcom dogs?

Roll over, Beethoven. These dogs stole scenes before the St. Bernard!

PICK: Would you eat these vintage holiday dishes from 1959?

Would you go back for seconds of Prune Whip, Tongue Loaf and Rice Imperial?

Did these events occur in 1986?

Did you party like it was 1999 in 1986?

Can you guess the '80s movie by the soundtrack?

Try to stay out of the ''Danger Zone!''

Can you pick the top-rated shows of 1968?

Gunsmoke vs. Bonanza. My Three Sons vs. Mayberry R.F.D.
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