Can you pick out the first episode of these classic sitcoms?

Go back to the very first moments of favorite sitcoms.

Can you guess the black-and-white show from an incomplete scene?

Be advised: Do not try to adjust the picture.

Can you name these child stars from photos of them all grown up?

You've known these famous faces since they were kids!

Can you name celebrities on the cover of TV Guide in 1980?

Actors look a little different in ink and oil.

Pick: Which TV series do you think is the ultimate 1970s show?

It's The Brady Bunch vs. Charlie's Angels.

Pick a pop star and we’ll reveal a TV show you’d love

Pass the remote to The King of Pop.

Can you fill in the blank to complete the titles of these '60s flicks?

Don't blank on the biggest movies of the Sixties!

Can you guess the classic TV episode that does not belong?

Whatever you do, don't mix up your shows!

Pick: Which song would you listen to on the radio in 1968?

Are you cranking the station playing the Beatles or Aretha?

Do these TV show titles start with ''The'' or not?

Here's THE big question of THE day.

Which thing turns 50 in 2018?

An assortment of stuff that will make you say, "Can you believe it's been 50 years?"

Which decade do you truly belong in?

Is your heart still in the 1980s?

How old were these TV stars when their hit shows first started?

What's the over/under on this TV-based "guess my age" game?

Pick: Which album would you buy in 1978?

Pick a dozen classic records, for the record.

How much do you really love 1970s TV?

See if you can pick the '70s show every time.

Can you match the 1970s action shows to their characters?

Are you on a first-name basis with Charlie's Angels?

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