Pick: Which TV dad do you think commands the most respect?

Over time, we've seen countless heart-to-hearts on TV, delivered by the most earnest dads on sitcoms ...more

Can you complete the names of these classic amusement parks?

Summertime is the perfect time for all-American activities like barbecues, baseball games… and ...more

Pick: Which movie would you see in theaters on these weekends in the 1970s?

The Seventies were an awesome era for movies. Blockbusters were simply smarter back then — artier, ...more

We can guess the slow song you'll never forget from your first school dance

Go back in your mind to your very first school dance. You likely remember the outfit you had on, ...more

Can you guess which 1980s summer movies premiered in theaters first?

Summers in the 1980s delivered some of the wildest adventures, from Indiana Jones escapades to ...more

Can you guess if these names are tied to TV characters or food brands?

Some names we've heard so long, from classic TV characters we've watched like Barney Fife, to ...more

Can you get through this quiz without leaving the 1950s?

Like Marty McFly, you have been sent back to the 1950s. Now, in order to fit in, you should know ...more

Can you name the Beatles album by a single image from the cover?

Images: The Beatles / CapitolThey're the biggest rock band in the history of the world. Heck, ...more

Can you name the TV show by the letter G in its title?

We're going to show you the letter G as it appeared in 15 classic TV opening credits.All you have ...more

Did the TV host say it on The Twilight Zone or Unsolved Mysteries?

On The Twilight Zone, the mysteries were man-made, pure fictions from host Rod Serling's nightmarish ...more

Can you match the series creator to the correct classic TV show?

Perhaps their most ambitious creation was decades of devoted TV fans.

Which 1970s chart-topping song came first?

All these songs went to No. 1 on Billboard pop charts in the 1970s — but can you remember the ...more

Can you name these Seventies summer blockbusters by the movie poster alone?

Grab a bucket of popcorn! It's only 50¢! Why? We're back in the summers of the 1970s.But back ...more

Are these names of discontinued breakfast cereals or forgotten children's shows?

Image: CBS Television DistributionFor generations, kids have paired cereal with TV series ...more

Which American auto company manufactured these classic car models?

Car names today just seem like a jumble of letters of numbers. XJ4, CK82, ST9. We're not even ...more

Try to make it through this quiz without leaving the 1970s

Ready to test your memory of what many deem the best decade ever: the 1970s?Groovy, let's get ...more

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