See if you recognize these classic TV stars relaxing in their homes

These beloved stars chilled just like the rest of us.

Can you name all these classic TV puppets?

Try your hand at this quiz — no strings attached.

Can you recognize this technology of 1966?

Guess what these gadgets and machines would do!

Can you guess the classic TV show from just the dinner table?

Careful, this quiz might be “con-fooding.”

Can you guess the classic TV show from its board game?

Roll the dice on these family games from the '60s and '70s!

Guess the groovy 1970s TV theme song from a single rhyme

Will you "take it" and "break it" — or will this "lot" put you on the "spot"?

Are these things more Boomer or Millennial?

Stake your generational claim.

Can you recognize these classic TV elders in their younger days?

One of them was a child star in silent films!

Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers will know how to operate this television

Do you know the difference between V-Hold and VHF?

How many classic variety shows can you name?

Be very wary, these answers vary!

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1970?

Spies, Bradys, cops, cowboys, chimpanzees… 1970 had it all.

Can you guess the decade from these vintage camera ads?

Be absolutely "aper-sure" of each answer.
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