Can you match these classic TV shows to their original titles?

Wait, which beloved sitcom began as 'Head of the Family'??

Poll: Do you consider these musical acts to be ''oldies'' music?

Modern streaming services label them "Oldies" — do you?

Can you guess which game shows Florence Henderson was on?

The Brady mom appeared on dozens of game shows for half a century.

Who is this kissing on TV in the Eighties?

Which beloved characters are locking lips?

Who is this kissing on TV in the Seventies?

See if you can recognize these celebrity smoochers!

Pick: Do you consider these musicians one-hit wonders?

You know, a-ha had another Top 20 hit after "Take on Me."

How popular are your Valentine's Day opinions?

See how your opinions on the day of romance stack up.

Can you guess the show by the first and last episode titles?

We've seen these shows from the beginning to the end. Have you?

Who sang this hit: The Carpenters or Captain & Tennille?

Which super '70s duo recorded these Top 40 tunes?

Did these stars perform at the Super Bowl halftime show back in the day?

Can you remember if Bowie, Elvis, Ella, Chubby and Indiana were ever there?

Can you recognize the classic TV stars on these vintage album covers?

Actors can do everything from pop to gospel!

Did these events happen in 1982 or not?

Don't worry, this quiz is more mental than "Physical."

What kind of animals were these TV shows about?

Match these classic series to the correct species!
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