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Are these comedy duos or TV crimefighters?

Who cracked down and who cracked up?

Image: The Everett Collection

Famous comedy duos have been entertaining audiences since the vaudeville days. With the rise of television, couples often did comedy together, releasing records and performing on variety shows.

The other kind of popular TV duo? Crimefighters! Whether they were beat cops, detectives or special agents, two people keeping the peace were always better than one.

Here are some of our favorite duos from years past. Can you guess which ones told jokes and which ones chased down bad guys?

  1. Abbott & Costello
  2. Starsky & Hutch
  3. Cagney & Lacey
  4. Laurel & Hardy
  5. Reed & Malloy
  6. Martin & Lewis
  7. Mulder & Scully
  8. Cheech & Chong
  9. Burns & Allen
  10. Poncherello & Baker
  11. Nichols & May
  12. Friday & Gannon
  13. Crockett & Tubbs
  14. Stiller & Meara
  15. McGarrett & Williams
  16. Allen & Rossi
  17. Coyle & Sharpe
  18. Simon & Simon
  19. Gallagher & Shean
Are these comedy duos or TV crimefighters?

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