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Are you enough of a movie buff to recognize these Seventies movie sequels?

Let's see if you remember Part II or III as well as the original.

Sequels are nothing new. Hollywood has been cranking them out for decades. But the practice of summer blockbuster sequels really kicked off in the 1970s. Hit comedies, dramas and action flicks typically got a second — or third — story.

Let's see how well you can recognize these sequels linked to Seventies cinema. Some flopped. Some raked in money. Try to name them all.
  1. He pitied the fool who did not see this sequel to what '70s blockbuster?
  2. Michelle Pfeiffer starred in this 1982 sequel to what nostalgic '70s phenomenon?
  3. Recognize this number? It's from a 1983 sequel to which massive '70s movie?
  4. Tyne Daly joined Clint Eastwood in a sequel to what '70s smash?
  5. Here is a creepy moment from the sequel to what '70s horror hit?
  6. Hey, TV stars! You probably forgot Ron Howard and Cindy Williams returned for a 1979 sequel to 'American Graffiti.' What was it called?
  7. 1981's 'Shock Treatment' was essentially a sequel to what cult classic?
  8. 'The Concorde' (1979) was a sequel to which blockbuster disaster movie?
  9. Popeye returned! No, not the sailor man. This 1975 hit was a sequel to what movie?
  10. Conway and Knotts had them tied up in knots. What movie is this?
  11. Here is an image from the sequel to second biggest movie of 1977. What movie was that?
  12. The Shaggy Dog came out in 1959. This sequel finally came out in 1976. What was it called?
  13. Here is Ryan O'Neal looking moody in what movie?
Are you enough of a movie buff to recognize these Seventies movie sequels?

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