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Can you complete the lyrics of these '50s and '60s love songs?

Baby, darling, sweetie, honey—fill in the blank with the right pet name!

Looking for a new pet name to use on your Valentine? Look no further than '50s and '60s love songs for inspiration!

From doo wop to bubblegum pop, lyrics in '50s and '60s hit songs form an encyclopedia of pet names, and here, we've pulled out the biggest songs to see if you can keep your terms of endearment straight.

Think you know your darlings from your honey bunches? Then what're you waiting for, sweetheart? Fill in the blanks below!
  1. In 1957, Elvis released a song that asked if he could please be which term of endearment below?
  2. In 1966, The Troggs released this massive hit about a love that makes your heart sing. Which pet name did the rockers use in their lyrics?
  3. The Beatles released "Eight Days a Week" in 1964, a song which frequently repeats this common pet name:
  4. The opening lines of The Four Tops' "I Can't Help Myself" were sung out to which lover's nickname?
  5. The Temptations released this massive hit in 1964, singing about:
  6. The Supremes proved that pet names go both ways with this song named after this endearment:
  7. Everyone was doing "The Twist" with Chubby Checker in 1960, but which pet name did he use for his dance partner in the lyrics?
  8. Of course, Elvis had a whole slew of love songs, including "All Shook Up," which refers to which pet name in these lyrics?
  9. The Drifters had a hit in 1960 with "Save the Last Dance for Me," which refers to this pet name in the chorus:
  10. Similarly, the early doo wop song from 1954 "Sh-Boom" also used a pet name for the object of their desire in the song. Which word completes the lyrics?
  11. Here's another one from The Beatles. In their 1965 song "Michelle," what pet name did they give Michelle?
  12. Finally, in the Archies song "Sugar, Sugar," what words do they use to describe their love in the song?
Can you complete the lyrics of these '50s and '60s love songs?

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