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Can you complete the lyrics to Blondie's ''Heart of Glass''?

Celebrate 40 years of "The Disco Song."

If you asked Blondie what sent "Heart of Glass" to No. 1 in 1979, their answer might surprise you. After the song was joked about as "The Disco Song" on WKRP in Cincinnati, the band gave the series so much credit for giving them critical exposure, they actually donated the "Heart of Glass" Gold record to the show. You can sometimes see it hanging in the bullpen when you're watching an episode.

Which brings us to today's quiz. The lyrics to "Heart of Glass" are as singular as the series that launched the hit, but how well do you actually remember the literal words Debbie Harry's singing?

We've snipped out choice lyrics from the song below. See if you can make it through the quiz without missing a beat. Guard your heart and good luck!
  1. Once I had a love and [???] / Soon turned out had a heart of glass
  2. Seemed like the real thing only to find / [???], love's gone behind
  3. Once I had a love and it was [???] / Soon found out I was losing my mind
  4. It seemed like the real thing but I was [???]
  5. In between "what I find is pleasing" and "I'm feeling fine" / Love is so [???]
  6. There's no [???] if I fear I'm losing you / It's just no good, you teasing like you do
  7. Lost inside [???] illusion / And I cannot hide
  8. I'm the one you're using / Please don't [???] me aside
  9. We coulda made it [???], yeah
  10. Yeah, riding high on love's true bluish light / [???]
Can you complete the lyrics to Blondie's ''Heart of Glass''?

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