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Can you complete the names of 1950s movies?

Wait. How many angry men?

In the 1950s, some of the strongest auteurs in cinema history were making their best movies, with Hollywood's most iconic stars available to play all the parts. It was a time that truly represents movie magic for fans of the era, and it's no wonder these movies are often the source of remakes in theaters in more recent times. These movies stick with you.

Are you a fan of Fifties films? We've blocked out words on some of the decade's most memorable movies. See if you can fill the right word in every time. Good luck, movie lovers!
  1. [???] Angry Men
  2. Father of the [???]
  3. The Man Who Knew [???]
  4. An American in [???]
  5. The Barefoot [???]
  6. [???] of Eden
  7. [???] Holiday
  8. Strangers on a [???]
  9. Dial [???] for Murder
  10. All About [???]
  11. How to Catch a [???]
  12. [???] Guitar
Can you complete the names of 1950s movies?

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