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Can you complete the names of these 1970s products from vintage ads?

Remember what you and your pets were eating back in the day?

Let's boogie back to the disco era and check out some television commercials. There's just one catch — we have hidden one word in each product!

See if you can guess the correct word and fill in the blank. You're a '70s shopping expert if you can get nine or more!

Good luck!
  1. Pan _______ was "America's Airline to the World."
  2. _______ Treacher's Fish & Chips served up fast food, British style.
  3. Figure skater Dorothy Hamill promoted a shampoo called Short & _______?
  4. _______-Up toothpaste told you to "Put your money where you mouth is."
  5. The soft drink ________ asked you to "UNdo it."
  6. Arrid Extra ______ was one popular deodorant.
  7. Remember taking pictures — with film? Foto_____ was there to help.
  8. "Everybody likes it… even the kids," declared the cereal known as C.W. _______?
  9. Fido preferred "the canned dog food without the can" known as _______ Burgers.
  10. Meanwhile, Fluffy noshed on some Tender ________.
  11. Teen girls everywhere smelled like Love's _______ Soft body mist.
  12. The _______-O-Matic made mopping easier.
  13. The mints known as _______Mints get Tic Tac a run for its money.
Can you complete the names of these 1970s products from vintage ads?

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