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Can you detect TV theme songs disguised as songs about dogs?

You've got more than a dog's chance of beating this one.

Some of the most recognizable songs in the world are catchy TV theme songs. Think you know them well enough to spot the classics disguised by altered lyrics?

We've rewritten parts of 10 popular TV theme songs to make them all about man's best friend. Just look at the rhythm, cadence and key words to try and figure out which TV tune we're singing to. Good luck!
  1. Come and listen to my story ‘bout a dog named Duke.
  2. Sunday, Monday, Puppy Days! / Tuesday, Wednesday, Puppy Days! / Thursday, Friday, Puppy Days! The weekend comes, your whistle calls, / Puppies will race to you.
  3. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tail, / a tail of a delightful pup.
  4. Here’s a puppy / it’s a lovely puppy / who was barking up three very lovely trees.
  5. There’s puppies and there’s kitties / Curious and cuddly / They’re altogether lovely / Pets we call family.
  6. You do the good / you do the bad / You do them both and there you have / Dogs in real life / Dogs in real life.
  7. Pugs are all around, so even-tempered / You can always ask, can I please pet one? / You’re gonna pet pugs after all. / You’re gonna pet pugs after all.
  8. Chihuahuas are the pup for me / small doggies, the right size for me.
  9. Maybe this pound puppy was not meant for me / But puppy think of me once in awhile.
  10. Well we’re barkin’ on up, to go outside / To a deluxe dog park in the sky
Can you detect TV theme songs disguised as songs about dogs?

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