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Can you guess the cartoon from 1967?

50 years ago, this is what Saturday mornings were all about.

Saturday morning was always the best time of the week growing up. All you had to worry about was making it to the television in time to watch all of your favorite cartoons. My, how times have changed.

The Saturday morning lineup during the winter of 1967 was one of the best! How well do you remember it? Good luck!
  1. What's this show called?
  2. Who is this character?
  3. This cartoon was adapted from a popular primetime Western. What's it called?
  4. Everyone knows this show. But what's the name of the robot maid?
  5. What a dapper man on the left! What's the name of his show?
  6. What's this show called?
  7. Speaking of that show, what's the dog's name?
  8. This cute insect was featured on what show?
  9. This is Casper. He's also known as what?
  10. What are the pets' names on 'The Flintstones'?
Can you guess the cartoon from 1967?

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