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Can you guess the classic game by its board?

Go ahead and pass Go and see if you can guess each one!

Board games may be best for a rainy day, but after hours of game play, we bet you'd recognize the most timeless ones any day of the week.

Here, we'll show you a slice of a board game or a shot of a game piece and challenge you to guess the classic board game.

Think you can emerge from this quiz a board game champion? Go ahead and pass go. The biggest board game fans can get 8/10. Good luck!
  1. Here's one of the most popular game boards of all time. What game would you play on it?
  2. This classic game had a star in its center to mark where game play starts. Which game is it?
  3. In this game, you drew these cards to advance your game piece. Which game was it?
  4. The wheel on this board game should give it away to anyone who ever played this game:
  5. Here's a game that's hit a lot of kids' funny bones since it was introduced. What's it called?
  6. Many games mapped out the world, but we're guessing this map will stir up all kinds of strategic thoughts for fans of:
  7. In this Pachisi-inspired game, you could block other players from advancing as part of your strategy. What was it called?
  8. In the '80s and '90s, there were lots of funny board games marketed to teen girls. Which one is pictured here?
  9. This game was designed to simultaneously teach you about pop culture. What was it called?
  10. Last game. Which strategy game uses the peg board seen here?
Can you guess the classic game by its board?

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