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Can you guess the classic TV show from its board game?

Roll the dice on these family games from the '60s and '70s!

Board games have long been one of the best indoor activities for families. Today, the games can get pretty complex! But back when we were kids, board games mostly involved rolling dice and moving a little plastic figure around a path. 

There were also loads of games based off your favorite TV shows! It seems like every popular series had a board game, from Dragnet to Petticoat Junction.

See if you can guess the television show from these vintage boards!

  1. This space game hit stores in 1974.
  2. Recognize anyone familiar in this 1966 game?
  3. Who's that hanging in the corners of this 1976 game?
  4. See if these 1974 characters ring a bell.
  5. The catchphrase is in the cards.
  6. Do these characters on the box look familiar in illustrated form?
  7. This 1959 board for "The Case of the Missing Suspect" was exactly the same as the one used in the Dragnet game.
  8. How about this one?
  9. Perhaps the game pieces on the back of this box will give this away.
  10. Do these characters look familiar?
  11. Beware THRUSH!
  12. Take a close look at this one.
  13. Who moved about this mansion?
Can you guess the classic TV show from its board game?

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