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Can you guess the family sitcom based on just one episode description?

Prove you can keep up with even TV's most perfect family.

Do you love family sitcoms, watching kids grow up, parents give their best advice, and all the hijinx that ensues from good-natured daily living?

We do, too. That's why we know every family sitcom is just a little bit different. Different enough, that we think you can tell the difference just from one episode description. So here's 10 to test your ear for TV families. See how many TV clans you can recognize.

Family sitcom fans who truly tuned in for every bit of fatherly advice, growing pains and motherly concern can score 8/10 or better. Good luck!
  1. This sitcom starts when the family finds a stranger in their garage and then adopts him.
  2. Watching “Cinderella” causes a boy on this sitcom so much concern, he runs away from home.
  3. Dad sure is disappointed when his son donates just 3 cents to the underprivileged kids’ drive.
  4. A school dance finds one brother with his first crush and the other left behind.
  5. When this sitcom’s youngest kid loses his favorite doll, he makes everybody’s life miserable.
  6. This sitcom daughter had her first date at 12, with a leather-clad boy who made her family nervous.
  7. A flat tire calls into question the husband’s strict rule that his wife not use her powers.
  8. Once the baby was born, the wife kept the house cluttered to plea her case for a bigger apartment.
  9. This show’s grandfather had trouble adjusting after agreeing to become housekeeper to all boys.
  10. The mom on this sitcom actually starts to get worried when her son starts acting just like his father.
Can you guess the family sitcom based on just one episode description?

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