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Can you guess the ingredients in these vintage holiday recipes?

Is that meat or fruit in that Jell-O?!

Holiday feasts with the family bring out those handed-down recipes. Your entire life, from childhood to adulthood, you have been eating them. Maybe it's Aunt Edna's Jell-O salad with the pretzels inside or Uncle Jerry's cranberry sauce with mandarin oranges. They may be divisive, but they're part of family history!

Meals have changed over the decades. The food spreads of Thanksgivings and Christmases past featured some ingredients that would cause kids today to make a face.

We've gathered some… unique recipes from the 1950s, '60s and '70s. See if you can guess what is inside!

  1. What is in this bright green Christmas tree — besides food coloring, obviously?
  2. What hot liquid are they drinking here with a slice of lemon?
  3. What is in the yellow sauce dripping down this "pudding"?
  4. What is the bright pink stuff inside this "Snow Cap Spread"?
  5. What are the little dark blobs in this turkey pot pie?
  6. What is inside these candles?
  7. What are the green chunks in the creamy layer of this gelatin fruit mold?
  8. What are the brown chunks in this cranberry soufflé salad?
  9. What are the white flecks encased in this "Christmas Bell Fluff"?
  10. What is the pale stuff floating alongside the ham chunks and mushroom caps?
  11. Finally, what is the flaky stuff alongside the olives inside the lime Jell-O?
Can you guess the ingredients in these vintage holiday recipes?

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