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Can you guess the lyrics to these Bee Gees songs?

You'll be reading the lyrics in falsetto.

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The Bee Gees released a steady flow of hits throughout the 1970s, using their sweet falsetto and disco beats to sell millions of records.

But with the release of 1977's Saturday Night Fever, the band completely blew up. The Gibb brothers penned and produced most of the songs for the film's soundtrack, spending 24 consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard albums chart in 1978.

The successful singles from the album helped define the decade, and the Bee Gees will remain one of the best-selling groups of all time.

How well do you remember the lyrics to their most famous songs? Let's find out. Good luck!
  1. 'Stayin' Alive' (1977)
  2. 'How Deep Is Your Love' (1977)
  3. 'Night Fever' (1978)
  4. 'More Than A Woman' (1977)
  5. 'You Should Be Dancing' (1976)
  6. 'Jive Talkin'' (1975)
  7. 'Tragedy' (1979)
  8. 'Too Much Heaven' (1978)
  9. 'Love You Inside Out' (1979)
  10. BONUS: 'Shadow Dancing' by Andy Gibb (1978)
Can you guess the lyrics to these Bee Gees songs?

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