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Can you guess the movie from just an animal detail from its poster?

Gopher the top score!

Birds, cats, monkeys, tigers, horses, fish and more. Movie posters have pulled in pretty much every creature in the animal kingdom, but can you pair all these critters below with the correct movie that featured it on its poster?

Prove it's a jungle up there in your memory when it comes to movie posters. Good luck!
  1. Pick the horror movie that featured these frightening feathers:
  2. You know the shark, but which Jaws movie is this one from?
  3. This cat graces the poster of which movie often listed as one of the greatest of all time?
  4. Which Disney movie featured all these animated creatures?
  5. And who could forget this fishy fellow from which movie?
  6. This snake intimidated the hero on the poster of which adventure flick?
  7. This cat caused all kinds of drama in which beloved 1960s movie?
  8. There's a cat on the roof, a horse jumping a fence, and a little bird too, in which hit comedy poster?
  9. This unstoppable rodent was a major adversary in which hit comedy?
  10. Here's a cow from a 1980s movie deemed very funny despite failing at the box office:
  11. There have been many monkey movies, but do you recognize this one?
  12. Last one's from an iconic influential picture. Which movie's poster featured this horse?
Can you guess the movie from just an animal detail from its poster?

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