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Can you guess the show from its secretary?

Can you tell Della Street from Peggy Fair?

What did workplace sitcoms and detective shows have in common? They both required secretaries to keep the show humming.

Think you've got a rolodex of TV's best secretaries filed away in your brain? No wonder this quiz called to you.

Scroll through the scenes below and see if you can pair these TV assistants with the shows they worked on. Good luck!
  1. Miss Jane Hathaway was the prim and proper secretary on which classic TV show?
  2. Secretary Della Street proved to be an invaluable asset on this hit show:
  3. Jennifer Marlowe doesn't "do" dictation, but she was well-compensated for answering phones on which sitcom?
  4. A secretary to the colonel, Helga made the base much brighter on which show?
  5. In this sitcom from the 1980s, the boss had notoriously high standards and went through "93 secretaries":
  6. On this detective show, Betty was both the secretary and daughter of the show's star:
  7. Carol Kester is one of TV's most memorable secretaries. Which TV show did she answer phones on?
  8. One of our first looks at Peggy Fair found her staring intently at her typewriter. On which TV show did she work so dilligently?
  9. At the beginning of this TV show, we meet May, secretary to the star detective on which show?
  10. Mary Tyler Moore sneakily played a secretary on a detective show, too, but you'd never know it since they only ever showed her legs. Which show was it?
Can you guess the show from its secretary?

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