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Can you guess the third character who was definitely in these sitcom scenes?

Count to three, then start again.

The great thing about a great ensemble cast on any sitcom is that you can combine any three characters at any time to create all new zany situations. We saw this in some of the best sitcoms, starting in the 1960s and building up on through the 1990s. 

Below, we've blurred one character out of scenes featuring three characters during memorable episodes of hit sitcoms like The Andy Griffith Show, M*A*S*H, Cheers and more. 

See how many third characters you can get right to complete each scene. As you might've guessed, it's three strikes and you're out in this game, so the best scores on this one will be 8/10 or better. Good luck!
  1. In The Brady Bunch episode "My Sister, Benedict Arnold," who helped the younger kids prep this sweet dunk tank?
  2. On the Cheers episode "Thanksgiving Orphans," who dressed like a pilgrim for the special holiday food fight scene?
  3. In the opening shot of the M*A*S*H pilot, who's the one who actually drives the golf ball?
  4. In the second season of The Andy Griffith Show, they temporarily deputized this Mayberry resident:
  5. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary Richards learned a little about best hiring practices when she hired which friend in "Assistant Wanted, Female"?
  6. In the final episode of Gilligan's Island, a king from a nearby island requests a castaway as his queen. Who's the third character in this scene, who's gaping at the chosen goddess?
  7. In this popular episode of Friends, which character is "The One" who "Doesn't Like Dogs"?
  8. In the Taxi episode "Paper Marriage," everyone knows Reverend Jim officiated, but who played violin at Latka's wedding?
  9. In the Hogan's Heroes episode "Movies Are Your Best Escape," which character cooks to distract the Germans, so Hogan can sneak a look at secret plans?
  10. In the WKRP in Cincinnati episode "Frog Story," which character accidentally sprays his daughter's frog pink?
Can you guess the third character who was definitely in these sitcom scenes?

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