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Can you guess the TV show just from its bed?

Don't get caught snoozing on this one!

As long as there have been sitcoms, there have been memorable bedroom sets that make us feel right at home with the character we're watching on the screen.

Think you can figure out whose bedroom you wandered into from TV shows that stretched and yawned from the 1950s to the 1980s?

Put your sleeping cap on and get started now!
  1. Which show is this soldier snoozing on?
  2. This makeshift bed had to suit this society man on which show?
  3. The married couple on this early classic show had beds that split:
  4. These beds could only suit the married couple on which show?
  5. This floral blue bed belonged to the married couple on which show?
  6. The first order of business on this show was to make the bedroom bigger:
  7. This bedroom belonged to a single lady on which show?
  8. This show famously ended when the couple turned in for the night:
  9. On which show did a star make this pull-out couch his permanent situation?
  10. On which show did the boys share these bunk beds?
Can you guess the TV show just from its bed?

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