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Can you guess the zodiac sign of these TV stars?

Asking our favorite stars, "So, what's your sign?"

Do you check your horoscope daily? If you do, maybe it's a sign you'll do really good on this quiz!

Below, we present you with some of the biggest TV stars of all time. You know their characters well, but do you know enough about the actual actors who brought them to life to guess their zodiac sign?

Take your guesses below, and find out if you're destined to ace this quiz. Good luck!
  1. Andy Griffith was expressive and quick-witted, and on his show he proved he was an adaptable guy, too. Can you guess his sign?
  2. Lucille Ball was definitely energetic, and on I Love Lucy, she could be headstrong and a little egoistic. Can you guess her sign?
  3. Carol Burnett was so generous, dependable and persistent, she wrote episodes to win her friends and cast mates Emmy Awards on Carol Burnett and Friends. Can you guess her sign?
  4. Bob Denver was determined, and on Gilligan’s Island, a little awkward but loyal to a fault. Can you guess his sign?
  5. Henry Winkler is a focused, ambitious actor, and on Happy Days, he was brave enough to jump a shark! Can you guess his sign?
  6. William Shatner is a lively, passionate, positive presence and on Star Trek, you could definitely say he was very adventurous. Can you guess his sign?
  7. Raymond Burr was a quick learner, and on Perry Mason, he was definitely curious and into his routine. Can you guess his sign?
  8. Mary Tyler Moore was ambitious, patient, and on her show, definitely detached. Can you guess her sign?
  9. Bob Newhart makes people feel happy just by telling jokes into a phone, and on The Bob Newhart Show, he was known for being just and balanced. Can you guess his sign?
  10. Don Knotts was a hugely creative actor, known for his spontaneity in a scene, and on The Andy Griffith Show, he could definitely be overemotional. Can you guess his sign?
  11. Florence Henderson was a caring woman whose friendly nature made her a natural as Mrs. Brady. Can you guess her sign?
  12. Dick Van Dyke is such a big-hearted actor, equal parts adventurous and intellectual in his selection of roles. Can you guess his sign?
  13. Sherman Hemsley was a good friend to all his cast mates, but also very independent as he was quite the health nut. Can you guess his sign?
  14. Lynda Carter is an optimistic, energetic person, and on Wonder Woman, you could definitely say she was dominating. Can you guess her sign?
  15. Jackie Gleason had such a huge imagination and great intuition for comedy, and on The Honeymooners, his character could definitely be over-sensitive. Can you guess his sign?
  16. Dawn Wells is such a charming actress, and on Gilligan’s Island, her character could definitely be a little romantic. Can you guess her sign?
  17. Peter Falk was a meticulous actor who basically wrote his own character on Columbo, where he could definitely sometimes be fussy and judgmental. Can you guess his sign?
  18. Rod Serling was responsible and sincere, and on The Twilight Zone, you could say a little gloomy and pessimistic. Can you guess his sign?
Can you guess the zodiac sign of these TV stars?

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