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Can you guess these '80s toys from the names of the action figures?

Maybe you played with them, maybe you had to clean them up.

Toys lines exploded in the Eighties. Sure, the '70s had the fair share of dolls and whatnot, but the action figure craze really took off after Star Wars. Every cartoon seemed to have a line of toys — heck, that was the point of most cartoons. There were plush puppies, scented dolls, Japanese imports, collectible babies, etc., etc.

You probably remember the quirky names of the toy lines. But do you remember the names of the individual figures? Try to match the following names to the correct toy brand!
  1. Lion-O & Panthro & Tygra & Cheetara
  2. Huckleberry Pie & Apple Dumplin' & Plum Puddin'
  3. Clutch & Rock 'n' Roll & Gung-Ho & Snow Job & Ripcord
  4. Man-at-Arms & Teela & Mer-Man & Skeletor
  5. Red Butler & Lala Orange & Shy Violet & Patty O'Green
  6. Bib Fortuna & Squid Head & Chief Chirpa & 8D8
  7. April & Bebop & Raphael & Rocksteady
  8. Jazz & Wheeljack & Soundwave & Starscream
  9. Butterscotch & Blue Belle & Snuzzle
  10. Funshine & Tenderheart & Grumpy
Can you guess these '80s toys from the names of the action figures?

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