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Can you guess these TV shows from their football scenes?

You might think it's a snap… but try not to fumble.

Huddle up! It's time to go over the gameplan. We've put together a team of 11 images from classic television shows. What do they have in common? Pigskin!

See if you can identify the correct show from its football scene. Keep your head on a swivel out there. Look out for familiar characters and clues in the screen shots. Ready?

Hut, hut… hike!
  1. Remember to protect your nose with a face mask.
  2. Does this gold helmet set a light off over your head?
  3. Fans often think the referees are a joke, but in this case it really is a comedian.
  4. Not an easy tackle.
  5. This episode took place at the Los Angeles Coliseum.
  6. Tossing the football around in the bedroom — but where is the bedroom?
  7. Mayfield High?
  8. Recognize the man investigating these football pictures?
  9. From nerd to coach.
  10. Hut, hut… who?
  11. You're going to need a clue for this one. It comes from a memorable Thanksgiving episode in which a woman dresses as a pilgrim.
Can you guess these TV shows from their football scenes?

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