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Can you guess these TV shows with the great Tim Conway?

The comedian played everything from cowboy to gardener.

Tim Conway was one of the funniest people to ever appear on television. Whether he was the lead or just a bit player, the comedian never failed to deliver laughs with his charming brand of slapstick.

His career began in the 1960s and continued to the current decade. In honor of this comedy legend, let's look back at his memorable roles. See if you can place him in the correct TV series. Good luck!
  1. The Dentist was just one of several hilarious characters Conway played on this sketch-comedy classic.
  2. He was second in command on this military sitcom.
  3. Conway played Ephraim Wanker, Peggy's father, on this sitcom.
  4. Conway played himself in a episode titled "Dick and Tim." Here he is in a Vermont diner.
  5. Conway played a former TV star named "Bucky Bright" on this sitcom in 2008.
  6. In the series finale of this sitcom in 1999, Conway played the Justice of Peace who married two main characters.
  7. He played a kooky gardener — and then security guard — named Kenny Montague on this sitcom.
  8. Conway reteamed with Harvey Korman (not to mention Dick Van Dyke) on this lighthearted crime show.
  9. Conway played a Las Vegas entertainer named Knuckles Pratt on this mystery series in 2010.
  10. Both Conway and Carol Burnett appeared in "The Comeback," a 1997 episode of this heavenly drama.
  11. Conway starred as the title character in this short-lived 1980s sitcom.
  12. In 1967, Conway starred in this comedic Western.
Can you guess these TV shows with the great Tim Conway?

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