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Can you guess what decade these vintage Valentine’s Day ads are from?

Companies pitched the romance of chocolates, cars and…canned peas?

Companies always like to capitalize on holiday celebrations to market their products and Valentine’s Day is no different. Candy and card brands have a field day but all kinds of industries try to work a romantic angle around February 14, especially in decades past!

We’ve collected cute, romantic and unique Valentine’s Day advertisements from the Fifties through the Eighties. Can you place each one in the right decade?

  1. What decade is this Valentine's tire ad from?
  2. McDonald's had Valentines like this in the...
  3. What decade is this elaborate chocolate spread from?
  4. This Valentine's candy ad is from the...
  5. What decade is this Coke ad from?
  6. Canned peas for your sweet pea? This ad is from the...
  7. These cards made Valentine's a little spooky in the...
  8. What decade is this ad from?
  9. This classy accessories ad is from the...
  10. What decade is this VW ad from?
  11. What decade is this Elizabeth Taylor ad from?
  12. This chocolate heart ad is from the...
Can you guess what decade these vintage Valentine’s Day ads are from?

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