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Can you guess what holiday tradition Lucy and Viv argue about based on their facial reactions alone?

Any argument that could ever come up during Christmas, just about came up in this episode of The Lucy Show.

Few things beat a good Christmas tradition. From what to eat, when to open presents and what tree to put up, some of the best parts about Christmas is preparing for it. That is, until the disagreements on what to do arise. 

When the Carmichaels and Bagleys get together for Christmas for the first time on The Lucy Show, the arguments and differing opinions start rather quickly, resulting in some classic facial expressions from Lucy and Viv. 

Arguments occur on a number of things, including Christmas dinner, side dishes, the tree, when to eat and when to open gifts. 

It's going to take a Lucy Show expert to get an 8/10 on this quiz! Take a look at the facial expressions from Lucy and Viv and try to guess what they're arguing about in the holiday episode "Together For Christmas."

Good luck!

  1. Lucy shoots Viv this side-eye and confused look early in the episode when discussing...
  2. What argument causes Lucy to make this face?
  3. This part of the argument got up close and personal! What are they arguing about in this image?
  4. This priceless reaction from Viv is on account of Lucy talking about...
  5. Viv makes this face when arguing about...
  6. What causes Viv to make this face?
  7. Lucy has this flabbergasted reaction after Viv says something surrounding...
  8. At this point of arguing, Lucy and Viv are rattling off any and every Christmas tradition. What are they talking about here, when Lucy noticably gets more angry?
  9. Now they're arguing about...
  10. Let's change the last question up. What causes Lucy to make this face, and Viv to laugh?
Can you guess what holiday tradition Lucy and Viv argue about based on their facial reactions alone?

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