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Can you guess which classic shows originally aired after these other hits?

After hanging with The Fonz, did you stick around for Mork or Laverne?

When pointing to a different decade of television, people often say, "It was a different time." But you know which shows you watched through the 1960s, '70s and '80s. And this quiz gives you a chance to call them like you saw them.

Here, we give you a classic show, the network it aired on and the time it aired and ask you: Which show do you think came on that TV channel next? 

Consider the decade and the network as your biggest clues, as you guess the best primetime, daytime and Saturday morning lineups. Good luck!
  1. Which show followed 'Happy Days' on ABC primetime in 1976?
  2. Which show followed 'Wagon Train' on CBS primetime in 1957?
  3. Which show followed 'The Krofft Supershow' on ABC’s Saturday mornings in 1977?
  4. Which show followed 'Rawhide' on CBS primetime in 1963?
  5. Which show followed 'The Love Boat' on CBS primetime in 1983?
  6. Which soap opera followed 'The Young and the Restless' on CBS daytime in 1980?
  7. Which show followed 'The Bob Newhart Show' on CBS primetime in 1972?
  8. Which show followed 'The Archie Show' on CBS’ fall Saturday mornings in 1968?
  9. Which show followed 'Perfect Strangers' in ABC’s fall TGIF lineup in 1988?
  10. Which show followed 'The Wild Wild West' on CBS primetime in 1968?
Can you guess which classic shows originally aired after these other hits?

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