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Can you guess which classic TV shows these monkeys are on?

Monkeyin' around with the remote control.

Think you can remember every monkey that made you smile on classic TV? 

Go ape below! Scroll through these scenes and see if you can match the primate to the right show. Good luck!
  1. This is the first episode we met this chimpanzee, a character who frequently appeared on which sci-fi show?
  2. The same chimpanzee played a recurring character on which '60s sitcom?
  3. In the 1980s, it was suggested this monkey could replace a cast member on which show?
  4. This monkey showed up as a little buddy for a character on which sitcom?
  5. It was a huge moment when this monkey appeared on which sci-fi show?
  6. This monkey added drama (and laughs!) on which 1970s show?
  7. You could say this colorful Western threw a monkey wrench at typical Western fare:
  8. Which military sitcom brought this chimp in to monkey around with the troops?
  9. On this show, there was a monkey behind the bench, as well as one on the jury. Which show was it?
  10. On this sitcom, they opened up a monkey racing track! Which show was it?
Can you guess which classic TV shows these monkeys are on?

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