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Can you guess which quote belongs to each actress?

Which famous actress said "Old age is no place for sissies"?

March is Women's History Month! There are many amazing women who have paved the way for performers and actresses today. Whether you enjoyed Carol Burnett's comedy, Amanda Blake's courage or Judy Norton's candor... all of these quotes say a lot about the person.

We want to highlight a few of these women's words so we've pulled 12 quotes from each actress. Can you match the right quote with the right actress?

  1. "You have to go through the falling down in order to learn how to walk. It helps to know that you can survive it. That's education itself."
  2. "It's not that I have anything against school. I just don't approve of the system."
  3. "When my doctor told me I had cancer of the mouth, I didn't believe it. I had never even heard of mouth cancer, yet I had it."
  4. "Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from."
  5. "Old age is no place for sissies."
  6. "I'm in love with everything about show business. The only thing that ever came easy to me in life has been acting."
  7. "The first interview I went on I got at age 5. It was a commercial for First Federal Bank."
  8. "If you're 90 and look good in a mini-skirt, go for it. What is 'age appropriate'? Such nonsense. My mother lived to 106, so what's middle-age? Seventy is the new 50."
  9. "I still stay in touch with Elinor Donahue. I've known Elinor since she was 14-years-old."
  10. "My co-workers expect me to be late and temperamental."
  11. "Even in the worst of times, I've always known that nothing is permanent. No feeling is permanent and as much as you think bad feelings will kill you, they won't."
Can you guess which quote belongs to each actress?

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