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Can you guess who Ed Sullivan is introducing on his show based on his descriptions?

Try to guess which famous musicians and comedians Ed is talking about.

Ed Sullivan never tried to be the funniest or showiest TV host. In fact, his plain demeaner and monotone delivery were often the butt of good-natured jokes by comedians on his own show!

But his knack for finding up-and-coming talent was unparalleled. He often gave a short introduction to each act, especially if they were just starting out. Can you guess who Ed is describing in these introduction quotes?

  1. Ed Sullivan described this band as “really four very well-mannered youngsters.”
  2. In one introduction bit, Ed Sullivan announced to the audience, “The chief usher told me out in the lobby somebody lost, and he found, a dollar bill.” Which comedian came up onstage to claim the dollar?
  3. Sullivan welcomed a “brilliant young Canadian star” to perform a scene from a Broadway show. Who was it?
  4. “Three youngsters from Detroit” is how Sullivan described which Sixties chart toppers?
  5. Sullivan introduced this band’s members, saying “these are Cass, John, Michelle and Denny.” Who was it?
  6. Which comedian did Sullivan introduce as an “Iowa son”?
  7. Sullivan revealed this singer’s life before stardom, noting he “worked in a coal yard and always sang his songs.”
  8. “Now, Texas boys, do it!” Sullivan exclaimed to which band?
  9. Sullivan played along with this comedian’s act saying, “I want you to tell these people your sad story because despite the fact they’re city slickers, they’ll be most sympathetic.”
  10. Who did Sullivan welcome as “the inventor of the twist”?
  11. When this group performed on his show, Sullivan commented: “The little fellow in front is incredible.” Which band was it?
Can you guess who Ed Sullivan is introducing on his show based on his descriptions?

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