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Can you guess who these sitcom stars are talking to?

Parent or sibling? Kid or spouse?

Today's quiz calls on you to forecast who's on the other side of some of our favorite TV families' discussions.

Below, we've snipped out scenes to show one side of a conversation, and we want to know if you can guess who these characters are talking to.

Is Cindy gabbing with her sisters or her parents? Is Wally worked up talking to Beaver or Ward? Look to the background setting for clues. 

Only the biggest fans of family sitcoms can score 8/10. Good luck!
  1. Let's start at the Brady house. Do you think Cindy is talking to her sister or her parents?
  2. Now let's jump back to the Cleaver home. Do you think Beaver is talking to Wally or Ward?
  3. Head to Mayberry from Mayfield and tell us if you think Andy is talking to Opie or Aunt Bee here?
  4. All right, now we're over at the Ricardos'. Do you think Ricky is talking to Lucy or Little Ricky here?
  5. Back at the Cleavers, Wally's making a case for something. Is he talking to Ward or Beaver?
  6. Greg's got a similar fire in his eyes. Do you think he's talking to Mike and Carol or his siblings?
  7. Return to the Ricardo house and find Lucy with this puppy. Is she talking to her husband Ricky about adopting or talking to her son Little Ricky to decline adopting?
  8. Now we see Beaver enjoying a sandwich, while he gabs with whom? His mom or his brother?
  9. Marcia is not stoked on her dinner here. Is she complaining to Carol or to the other kids?
  10. Last one's tough. Here we see Ward in his usual chair. Is he talking to his wife or to Wally?
Can you guess who these sitcom stars are talking to?

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