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Can you I.D. 1970s cartoons from a single frame of the intro sequence?

Zoinks! The Seventies gave us way more than just Scooby-Doo!

Do you think Seventies cartoons are the grooviest?

You're not wrong. The decade was jammed full of musical animated series. But it also gave us tons of cartoon spin-offs and some of the kookiest cartoons ever produced.

If you're a Seventies cartoon expert, trust your instincts below. We'll show you a single frame from the intro sequence of a 1970s cartoon. It's up to you to figure out which cartoon it is. Good luck!
  1. This TV teen joined her siblings in which animated spin-off?
  2. Here's another familiar face we watched grow up in the 1960s. Which Flintstones spin-off is this?
  3. The Seventies packed Saturday morning full of animated TV spin-offs. Which cartoon spin-off is this?
  4. Cartoon dogs never go out of vogue. Recognize this dutiful pooch?
  5. The Seventies had sci-fi 'toons, too. Recognize this one?
  6. This hairy guy was a key character on which 1970s cartoon?
  7. Here's another cartoon hero, alias Penry, the mild-mannered janitor:
  8. This enduring animated series began as educational commercials:
  9. The hero at the heart of this animated series had to be thawed from a block of ice:
  10. You could find the star of this cartoon living in an underwater civilization:
Can you I.D. 1970s cartoons from a single frame of the intro sequence?

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