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Can you I.D. classic TV characters from the first lines they ever said?

Test your ear with the ultimate first impressions quiz.

Do you remember the very thing your favorite TV characters said onscreen?

For today's quiz, think about the premiere episode (not the pilot) of iconic shows and consider which character could plausibly have delivered these impactful first lines. We think the biggest TV fans will have an ear for every line, but try to beat 8/10. Good luck!
  1. This sci-fi star famously started his series by saying, "Captain’s log, Stardate 1513.1: Our position: orbiting planet M113.”
  2. Upon awakening and seeing his captain off the boat, this character says, "Oh my gosh, man overboard.”
  3. Sitting down for a buzzcut, this soldier said, "Now I'll tell you how Floyd the barber back home used to cut my hair.”
  4. Upon moving into a new apartment, this character says, "Wow, hey it really is charming!”
  5. This classic TV kid soured a wedding in the first episode by saying, "I know why they shouldn’t be married.”
  6. This famous TV character started his show with the spirited line: “How ’bout an ID?”
  7. Upon catching a football, this character pointed to the hills when he said, “Here they come!”
  8. When this alien lands on TV, his first words to the human race are: “Uh, can I make a suggestion?”
  9. We met this TV detective getting pulled over for a broken taillight, saying, “What’s the trouble, officer?”
  10. This Western star uttered this first line walking through a graveyard: “I try to remember that if they’d argued a little, they might not be here.”
Can you I.D. classic TV characters from the first lines they ever said?

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