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Can you I.D. these celebrity guest stars on 'The Wild Wild West'?

What's truly wild is all this facial hair covering up our favorite famous faces!

The Wild Wild West was certainly one of the most colorful TV westerns that ever aired. Between its stunning costumes and imaginative technologies, the show definitely knew how to draw your eyes to the screen, even without all the guest stars the series regularly featured.

What you could depend on, though, was that any celebrity who walked on set would find themselves just as heavily costumed to fit into the show's eccentric world. 

Here, we've corralled some of the show's biggest guest stars to see if you can spy the famous faces that frequently went under the cover of bushy facial hair and over-the-top accessories just to appear on the show. Think you can I.D. them all? Feel free to give the quiz below a good look up and down. Good luck!

  1. This Emmy-winning TV actor is used to being in charge, not so much being in stripes:
  2. This prolific character actor appeared in just about every TV western:
  3. This iconic TV actress appears just as enchanting on 'The Wild Wild West':
  4. This pioneering comedian proved in his movies that he isn't a talent to toy with:
  5. This heavily made-up celebrity became a monster star in the 1930s:
  6. Before he became a famous TV detective, this celebrity guest star played a general on 'The Wild Wild West':
  7. You could say trying to recognize this famous face under all that facial hair is nearly impossible:
  8. It's an insult to this comic legend if all it takes to disguise him is a tiny mustache:
  9. In movies, he's uttered iconic lines as an iron-willed leader, but on 'The Wild Wild West,' he's a menace known as "The Falcon":
  10. We're used to seeing this celebrity guest star looking much more clean-cut on our TV screens:
Can you I.D. these celebrity guest stars on 'The Wild Wild West'?

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