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Can you I.D. these classic TV celebrity guest stars on 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'?

Good evening. Ready to see a different side of top TV stars?

Each episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents begins with a solemn "Good evening" before the episode's mystery unfolds. That's when audiences meet the fresh cast of guest stars subjected to the director's chilling plots.

Throughout the series' 10 seasons, the list of guest stars was long and included a bunch of our favorite faces from classic TV.

Think you can I.D. each and every television star? Take this quiz and see if you can solve all the mysteries below.
  1. This TV Western star appeared first in Hitchcock's web of suspense:
  2. The familiar face in the background is used to being in charge as a classic TV chief:
  3. The young actress in the passenger seat got cast on a hit '70s show after appearing with her future costar on 'The Tonight Show':
  4. We're used to seeing this TV divorcée raising his eyebrows:
  5. The birdman seen here typically holds a much different rank on TV:
  6. This actress wasn't the first pick for her enchanting TV role:
  7. We're pretty used to seeing this classic TV actor chomping a cigar:
  8. This actor memorably stuck around for three seasons of TV's longest-running Western:
  9. This bespectacled fellow was considered something of a blockhead in his classic TV role:
  10. This popular TV dad wears a different kind of hat in his best-known television role:
Can you I.D. these classic TV celebrity guest stars on 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'?

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