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Can you I.D. these obscure female characters from 1970s TV shows?

Small roles. Big impressions.

In the 1970s, even if a TV character only appeared a handful of times, it could still make a big impression. Many of the decade's most memorable actresses filled bit parts on iconic series, and on every show, from sitcoms to sci-fi, we met so many strong female characters.

Think you can I.D. them all? This quiz is a good start!
  1. On Wonder Woman, Debra Winger played Diana Prince's younger sister:
  2. On Diff'rent Strokes, Janet Jackson plays Willis' first love:
  3. On Charlie's Angels, she was the last angel to be called by Charlie:
  4. On Happy Days, real rocker Suzi Quatro played what character?
  5. On Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, she was the chief villain bent on conquering Earth:
  6. On M*A*S*H, this nurse gets involved with Hawkeye and in a pivotal scene, stitches up a patient due to a shortage of doctors:
  7. In the very first episode of The Odd Couple, the guys go on a double date with these sisters:
  8. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Penny Marshall appeared twice as this nurse and Mary's neighbor:
  9. On WKRP in Cincinnati, the marvelous character actress Edie McClurg played Herb Tarlek's wife:
  10. For The Brady Bunch episode "Kelly's Kids," we watched the Kelly family adopt a son for a potential spin-off of the family show. What was the Kelly family's mom's name?
Can you I.D. these obscure female characters from 1970s TV shows?

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