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Can you identify these 10 savory snacks on sight?

You're guaranteed to feel salty if you miss any of these chips!

Salty snacks, they're a staple in any TV fan's pantry, the natural extension of enjoying a bowl of popcorn at the pictures. Over the years, we've kept on crunching some of these beloved chips and crackers, but others have been plucked from shelves, reduced to crumbs brushed off the shirt of snack food history.

Here, we've mixed up a bunch of savory snacks to see if you can I.D. these salty munchies on sight. Prove you're the ultimate snack fan by naming every one, or end the quiz salty you missed out on some cheesy, corn-puffed perfection. Good luck keeping your stomach from growling!
  1. Invented in 1948, there's nothing spotty about this cheese snack's sustained popularity:
  2. Once you pop these chips, you're in danger of converting to the can for life:
  3. These savory snacks were basically invented to scoop up dip:
  4. Released in 1967, the very first flavor of this triangular chip that's still popular today was Taco:
  5. The ridges of these chips have been a focal point of commercials for decades:
  6. It's a perfect circle for fans of savory snacks who don't weep at the smell of onion:
  7. These chips are shaped like cones and fit perfectly on the end of your finger:
  8. While Nabisco was having fun with shapes, they came out with these flower-shaped chips:
  9. This cheese cracker is a much-missed mix between a Cheez-It and a breadstick:
  10. Last one's for real snack fans. These cheesy discs went by what catchy name?
Can you identify these 10 savory snacks on sight?

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