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Can you identify these celebrities in vintage commercials before they were famous?

From Egg McMuffins to Emmys.

You gotta start somewhere. That's what actors tell themselves before taking that fifteenth bite of a Whopper for the fifteenth take of a television ad.

Big names started in small places. Celebrities of the big and small screen got their starts in commercials. Let's see if you can recognize some of them. Good luck!
  1. This '80s hemorrhoid cream pitchman and '90s cereal kid later teamed up in what acclaimed TV series?
  2. After serving up Corn Flakes in this ad, he later could be found in…?
  3. This Quik salesman and this Burger King bro have what in common?
  4. There is now a statue of this "Happy Hotpoint" actress in what American city?
  5. This tanned surfer dude was craving some Pringles. Years later, he earned a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for…?
  6. This Burger King employee later starred alongside Tom Hanks in…?
  7. This McDonald's worker won two Emmys for her work on which sitcom?
  8. This Egg McMuffin eater was in that very same commercial! He is best known as the dad on…?
  9. This Hershey's Kisses loving "jock" went on to play a sitcom character named…?
  10. She was selling Chatty Cathy for Mattel before becoming a beloved daughter on which sitcom?
  11. This little Burger King fan later became a supernatural hero on…?
  12. Finally, this young Lisa Frank fan went on to marry her costar from which popular sitcom?
Can you identify these celebrities in vintage commercials before they were famous?

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